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Author: Chris F.

Pedro Ciriaco: Running His Way to the Majors

If I were to tell you in January that there would be a player that would hit .415 during spring training, most fans would think I was talking about Adrian Gonzalez, maybe Dustin Pedroia or even Jacoby Ellsbury, however I don’t believe anyone would have thought that player was Pedro Ciriaco. read more

It’s Tazawa’s Time

As the 2012 Boston Red Sox season draws near, the fan anticipation is growing, 2011 is still luring its ugly head, and once again pitching is the biggest topic of conversation heading into Spring Training. One of the biggest surprises for Sox could be found in 25 year old Junichi Tazawa. read more

Change Can Be Good

First off let me share how excited I am to be a part of the RedSoxaholics team for the 2012 season. I have been writing about minor league baseball for over the past few seasons and am excited to share some insight about the team I have loved since I was born. read more

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