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Author: Mandy B.

No More Pitching

A year after one of the Theo Epstein’s loudest off-seasons, Ben Cherington has little void left to fill on the roster. Talent-wise, that is. So the clubhouse fell apart after the worst September collapse in baseball history, and if it weren’t for the MLB deciding to add a second wildcard, we may not be left wondering what could have been. It’s time to move on.New manager and general manager, still a world full of potential. If the season started today we would likely see a lineup like this: read more

The Lackey Project

It has become an extremely apparent problem around The Nation:

John Lackey lives up to his last name.

The veteran right-hander who had clinched the World Series for his team in 2002 was signed with the Red Sox in 2009 for a whopping 82.5 million dollars. We all knew that was going overboard for someone who was bound to be the third or fourth man in the rotation, but Lackey had proven his worth with a solid track record seven years into the major leagues. In 2011, he’s 5-8 with a 7.47 ERA and is quite frankly the only dark spot in an otherwise solid staff. Journeymen like Alfredo Aceves and Scott Atchison are worth more than Lackey at this point. Prospects like Andrew Miller and Michael Bowden would give you more, yet there is something that goes further than baseball to blame for Lackey’s eerie season. read more

Worth Mentioning

With one of the most loyal fanbases in all of Major League Baseball and the second highest payroll of the 2011 season, the Boston Red Sox are obviously capable of signing big names for record setting money. The lack of salary cap in baseball means one of two things: You have the best scouts in the world that help you find the most promising talent at a low cost or you have a pocket large enough to sign those that are already proven. This organization has both. read more

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