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I am a little bit Salty.

So the Red Sox are once again off to a great start. They have a pompous asshole as a manager, who people say is a great baseball mind. Well I have not seen it thus far. He left Bard in just a little too long the other night, last night he leaves Franklin Morales in for 1 batter to long, then he has Jarrod Saltalamacchia pinch hit representing the tying run. read more

Wait we got Chris Carpenter for Theo?

Yes, actually we did. Unfortunately for us it is not the Cy Young winning starter from Exeter NH, but he is a way better pitcher than Theo.

This Chris Carpenter is a 26 year old right handed relief pitcher that recorded some solid stats in the minors and in his 10 appearances in the majors (2.79 ERA). read more

Alex Rodriguez=Tiger Woods

In honor of Tiger Woods playing his first round of golf in quite a while I figured I would write an off the subject post about the comparisons between him and Alex Rodriguez.

Cheat on their wives- Check

Do steroids- Ehhh Questionable but Check (where there’s smoke there’s fire Tiger) read more

What Red Sox player are you most like?

So has this on the site today. Basically you answer a bunch of questions and they tell you what Red Sox player you are most like. I’m not really upset with the answer, I love Carl Crawford, but is taking a swipe at him here? “Even if it arrives slower than you’d like.” Haha, this guy was one of the best outfielders in the league when he was 22 years old. Hell he made it to the Majors at age 20. Also he was offered like 20 scholarships. Could of played Basketball at UCLA or played football in college, but he chose to play MLB, all by the age of 18. I’d say his success came pretty damn fast. This year? Not so much. Guy needs to get it together. His success couldn’t arrive fast enough at this point, but I don’t think this is helping anything. read more

Red Sox History 101

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By: Wild Thing

Last week, Hall of Fame Red Sox manager Dick Williams pasted away. Now I know some of you out there are scratching your heads wondering, “Who in the hell is Dick Williams?” Dick Williams was known in Red Sox lore as the man with the “Impossible Dream.” In 1967, he took over as the skipper for a losing Red Sox club that came in last in back to back seasons and had not finished above .500 in the last 8 seasons. When asked about the upcoming season during a spring training game, Williams declared, “We will win more ballgames than we lose.” That Sox team went on to win their first AL pennant in over 21 years. read more

What if they blow up the Dodgers?

Hypothetical situation that will probably never happen because MLB wants to make the Dodgers as appealing as possible to the highest bidder, but what if the Dodger’s just decided to have a fire sale at the trade deadline? Who would the Red Sox want? read more

Manny being Manny….Still?

BY: Wild Thing

As I was driving to work earlier this week, I was listening to Dennis & Callahan, and Jerry Callahan brought up the question, “Where is Manny Ramirez?” That question made me crack up, and I pondered what Callahan said.

Since being out of the game for several moths now, I wondered, could Manny be done with his antics and be “Manny being Normal” instead of “Manny being Manny?” What can a 2x World Series and 9x silver slugger award winner be doing? I’m not 100% sure but I do know he is getting paid. read more

Can JoBu help MLB hit Wakefield’s Knuckleball?

So as it stands we have a struggling John Lackey, a hurt Dice K (blessing or curse?) and Clay Buchholz on the 15 day DL, but we also have a soon to be 45 year old knuckleballer who is the Red Sox secret weapon.

If you told people before the season that the Red Sox would have lost Dice K for the season and Wakefield was going to be a key contributor they probably would have said the Sox would be struggling. Well that isn’t the case at all. In fact over his last 6 starts Wake is 4-1 with a 3.60 ERA. He is now only 3 wins away from 200 and shows no signs of slowing down. read more

Jacoby on Fire

(Image from

BY:Wild Thing

Although the Sox just ended their season high 9 game winning streak, Jacoby Ellsbury has proved to be Sox offensive catalyst. In his 5th year in the majors, Ellsbury has been on fire. Currently, he is ranked 3rd in Runs and 1st in SB in the American League. Though he was out most of last season with a left rib fracture, Ellsbury is surpassing his numbers from 2009. read more

NewEra needs a NewRivalry

This is quite the rivalry Alec. By the way I really loved the Mel Gibson impression you left on your daughters voice mail.

Seriously I think NewEra needs to rethink this rivalry thing. Here’s an idea, how about the rivalry between ARods forehead and hair?? Boom roasted. read more

Should Papelbon be back next season?

-BY: Wild Thing

Is Jonathan Papelbon getting a bad rap because of the media?

Now if can recall, many media reports said that the 2011 season would be Papelbon‘s last season in a Red Sox uniform. Why would it be his last, what led to the media and Theo to doubt him on the mound? If you look at Paps statistics, he has averaged over 37 saves the past 5 seasons. read more

Joshua Patrick Beckett – “The Prick”

The Prick

Let me start off by letting you know it would be hard to find a bigger fan of
Joshua Patrick Beckett than myself, to the point where I have wondered if asking my girlfriend to toss in a dip and wear like fifteen Phiten necklaces would be out of line. It began with his domination of the Yankees in the 2003 World Series at the ripe age of 23 and only grew during his early Sox career while anchoring the Red Sox to their second World Championship in four years during 2007. His love for smokeless tobacco, the cocky attitude which often irritated the opposition (leading my dad to nickname him “The Prick”), and hilarious post game interviews were the perfect
recipe for a Boston athlete man crush. read more

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