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Right Price for the Red Sox

Last season the Red Sox Struggled to fill the huge gap left by Jon Lester going to the Chicago Cubs. Many pitchers tried but Lester’s mastery on the mound has been proven to be irreplaceable.
Entering this post season many in Red Sox nation expected and called for the signing of a big name free agent to balance out the starting rotation. GM Dave Dombrowski responded to this angst by delivering the top free agent pitcher of these winter meetings….. none other than Ace lefty David Price.

This is a major coup because not only does it give the Red Sox one of the most consistent lefties of the past 10 years…. Behind Lester of course…. but it keeps rival teams in the AL East like Champion Toronto Blue Jays, big spenders New York Yankees and competitive Tampa Bay from using the tall lefties wide array of pitching skills against them on a regular basis.

Price also has a spectacular track record and E.R.A. at Fenway Park with a super low earned run average as well as 10 + career wins while only suffering a few losses.

There will be some patching up to do between him and Ortiz as they have had some differences but he will be a welcome addition to a sore Red Sox pitching staff. Imagine Price for 7 innings then Uehara for the 8th, and Kimbrel to close out the 9th. Suddenly things are looking way up for the Red Sox pitching staff.  Good Job and Go Sox.

Lefty Rookie Henry Owens Goes To the Mound For the Red Sox

In their final weekend of the 2015 MLB season the Boston Red Sox will face the Cleveland Indians in a three game concluding series. It will put to an end a rather turbulent, up and down season for the Boston Baseball Team.
Besieged by injuries, frequent personnel changes, and their manager’s sickness during an important part of the season it was very difficult for this year’s team to string together any continuing sense of camaraderie or a team-building atmosphere. Amidst all the turmoil, the Red Sox were still able to bounce back to have a spectacular record in September, making them hover around the .500 level as the regular season closes.
Some players like David Ortiz (who in a definite Hall of Fame highlight treated fans to his 500th Career Homerun) ,Xander Bogaerts(First career Grand Slam last week) , and Brock Holt(the Lone All-Star Representative) put up amazing numbers that show they can contribute to the team for years to come.
Players like Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart, and even Jackie Bradley Jr. had an amazing amount of playing time where they removed any doubts to show that they can compete at the MLB level consistently. These prospects and one of the better performing Farm Systems in MLB should relieve many sighs and worries within Red Sox Nation about the future of the club.
The main needle in the foot of the Red Sox this season however was their lack of pitching. Clay Buchholz started strong but the heavy load caused him to be injured and he finished the season on the DL. Pitchers like Miley, Porcello, and Rodriguez displayed moments of brilliance where they could step up and pick up the slack but the Sox are going to have to trade for consistent starters to go work along with a re-strengthened bullpen if they want any real chance of competing next season. Luckily, Dave Dombrowski has been proven and hired to be able to assemble and re-build amazing pitching staffs. Sadly, for the current Red Sox it looks for now like a lot of re-working will have to be done.
In this final weekend series facing the Cleveland Indians ………………
Lefty Rookie Henry Owens goes to the mound to show his abilities Friday Night, with a Pitcher to be Determined on Saturday , and Rick Porcello pitching the final game on Sunday. Owens has had some decent games and his E.R.A. is solidly in the 3’s (not bad for a rookie) he looks to be part of the as of now unclear puzzle of Re-building a pitching squad that is in much need of help.
Let’s hope the Red Sox Re-building process goes smoothly during the end of this season, through the Off-Season(including Winter Meetings), and into early next year. This Sox Fan thinks it may take most of an exciting 2016 which will be a return to playoffs season that will set up the Red Sox to be back at the top in 2017, 2018, and beyond. So please be patient Fenway Faithful as we continue to say Go Sox Go.

Red Sox Winding Down Season Against the Orioles

The Red Sox have had a rough season. Loaded with talent they got off to a decent start but the lack of solid pitching, personnel changes and injuries have taken a toll on them and have made it difficult to string together enough wins to post at least a .500 record. With about 10 games to play they have returned to their winning ways in the month of September but face a deficit from frequent summer losses that looks to be insurmountable.
Some players like Ortiz, and Bogaerts who hit his first Major League grand sllam this past week have been bright spots in an otherwise turbulent, albeit up and down season.
The Red Sox are looking to rebound against the surging Baltimore Orioles who make the trip to Fenway to face some Rookie pitchers and then Henry Owens on Sunday. Wren has now joined Dombrowski’s team as they look to re-build and re-structure a winning roster for next season. Let’s hope they turn things around sometime soon.

Legendary Red Sox Hitter David Ortiz Finally Joins 500 Homerun Club

We all knew it would happen sometime….then finally it happened last Saturday September 12, 2015. Red Sox 1B/DH/3-time World Champion David Ortiz has now joined the All-Important 500 Homerun Club. Making him a stronger contender for the MLB Hall of Fame, maybe even on a first ballot! (Anything later will be an injustice!)

Most fittingly, Ortiz did it in his typical fashion also launching 2 clutch homeruns in the same game and propelling the Red Sox to a victory once again. As of now he has accomplished this 2 homers in one game feat 50 times in his amazing career.

Pitcher Matt Moore thought he could throw a 80.3 mph knuckle-curve by Big Papi (as his teammates affectionately nicknamed him long ago ) but the ball was promptly launced into the bleachers of Tampa Bays Tropicana Field. It went a total of 432 feet and was measured to leave Ortiz’s bat at a speed of 106 miles per hour. For Ortiz, it was just another in a series of home run walks around the park.

Although many games have been played at 1st base by Ortiz, most of his HRs have been hit while starting the game as a Designated Hitter or DH.  He is in fact the all-time HR leader for that position. He has never batted in the 1st, 2nd, or 9th slots in the batting order because not only does he slug home RBI’s but he also hits at a high average for a power hitter. Many times over .300! Any manager knows he’s the guy you coming to the plate with men on base. Opposing managers have tried to maneuver the defense with shifts, pitch outs,walks, high pitch counts, and mixing up the roatation on the ball. Somehow ortiz almost always makes contact and pokes the ball to somewhere on the field where ther is not an opposing player. If not there on field tt usually will be an upper deck blast.

Nobody can forget his uncanny ability to come through in the clutch. Especially in playoff series against the Yankees, Tigers, Indians, etc. Without his homerun over Tori Hunter and into the Right Field bullpen at Fenway Park in 2013…. the Red Sox would not have advanced past Detroit and into another World Series Win. Oh yeah and in case I forgot to mention….Ortiz is a unique Red Sox Player in that he was a member of the 2004 team, the 2007 squad, AND the 2013 crew that won it all in the World Series.
What a treat for Red Sox nation to see such an incredibly talented and legendary player. Go

Red Sox Reeling Yet Try to Look for Positives as they Take on Phillies

The Red Sox are undeniably having a rough season. Still reeling from the illness of manager John Farrell and many injuries, Sandoval, Ramirez, Buchholz etc. one cannot blame them too much for falling out of contention in the playoff race for this season.

Many important players are still performing well like Ortiz, Buchholz, Rodriguez, and Bogaerts and this allows them to win some games like they did this past week against both the New York Mets and New York Yankees. They will certainly have influence over whether the Yankees or Blue Jays capture the AL East Title as the Baltimore Orioles have also dropped out of contention.  September is always interesting as the Pennant Races wind down.

In looking forward to next season the Red Sox let go of GM Ben Cherington and Acquired Dave Dombrowski who was previously with the Detroit Tigers. He has done an amazingly remarkable job with the Tigers the past few seasons and will hopefully contribute much to the Red Sox organization which is still brimming with tons of talent.

This upcoming Labor Day weekend the Boston Red Sox take on the Phillies with Joe Kelly pitching on Friday. Wade Miley who has held his own with a 10-10 record so far and then young phenom Rodriguez on Sunday. Some of those in the Red Sox organization say Rodriguez has incredible potential to be at least a solid #2 starter if not a #1 some day. It has been no secret that the  Red Sox have sorely been in need of consistent pitching and maybe Dombrowski could help in assembling a strong staff like Detroit has had for the past five seasons or so. There is some frustration but much more anticipation in Red Sox Nation to see which decisions the team will make.  For now we just don’t know but let’s continue to root and Say…. Go Sox Go.

Red Sox Riding 3-Game Winning Streak Into Weekend

The Boston Red Sox come off a wild week where they are riding a hope-filled 3 game winning streak after posting a 6-4 record in their last 10 games. They are not completely out of the playoff race due to a wild card possibility but are a difficult 12 and a half games behind in the always competitive AL East. In fact, in a sudden offensive resurgence….. the Red Sox scored 22 runs in one game where they welcomed the return of future prospect and minor leaguer Jackie Bradley Jr. to the Big League Ballclub. This game was played  shortly after the team heard of the illness of manager John Farrell, the trade of Mike Napoli to the Texas Rangers, and that GM Ben Cherington was soon to be replaced by Dave Dombrowski from the Detroit Tigers.

This weekend’s Red Sox Opponent, the Kansas City Royals surprised everybody in MLB last year with an amazing run all the way to Game 7 of the World Series and a subsequent disappointing loss to the San Francisco Giants. The Red Sox beat the Royals 4-1 Thursday Night and are looking to do the same over the weekend to show that they are still a team that should be considered contenders. Most team actions seem to be geared for the 2016 campaign but they easily could be playing in the post-season this year if they can retain their winning ways. Pitching has been an issue but Wade Miley turned out a good performance last night and as many of the young staffers gain experince they can only get better.

It’s been a tough season with many bumps in the road for our Red Sox Baseball Team but with the best fans in Baseball…..Fenway Park and many road venues have had many attendees going to see some fine baseball being played by a very talented team. The Yankees, Blue Jays, and Orioles may be the teams duking it out for the AL East title but don’t count the Sox out of the playoff picture yet. They usually find a way to comeback in any race.  Win or lose(but hopefully while winning) we root for the Red Sox and so we say once again…. Go Sox Go.

Ortiz and Bogaerts Carry Struggling Red Sox As Trading Deadline Approaches

David Ortiz hit HRs last Sunday with a career high 7 R.B.I’s in last Sunday’s Baseball Game. Of Course, the Red Sox won as their Future Hall of Famer Desdignated Hitter showed that he can still produce. Meanwhile, in Cooperstown legendary Red Sox Pitcher and fellow 2004 Champion gave a rousing final speech of the day as a new batch of players were inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

With several up and comers like Brock Holt, Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart, and Christian Vasquez…. one has to wonder if the Sox Farm System will make any Hall of Fame caliber players. Xander bogaerts is probably the best hope that area as he already has a 2013 championship under his belt, leads the team with a .317 avg. and continues to perform in the clutch …earning the name Mr. Walkoff.

Ortiz and Bogaerts have been carrying the Red Sox offense as Pedroia is sidelined due to injury. unfortunatley the pitching has been subpar and as today is the trading deadline, many expect and are indeed calling for some big moves to aid the Red sox in a pennat drive for the final 2 months….the most important for any team. Go Sox.

Post All-Star Break: Red Sox Stumble Out of Starting Gates: Looking to Regroup and Possibly Trade Up.

It appears at this point in the season and after last weeks stumbling to get a win after the All-Star Break…. that the Red Sox are in need of some extra help and quickly at that.

With the trading deadline less than a week away I would be shocked if the Red Sox did not make some major-league deals. Manager John Farrell and upper management have already alluded to the fact of this happening unless performances improve soon. It will be extremely interesting to see exactly what types of moves will be made. Should the Sox land another set of players for a Pennant chase this season or re-strategize to trade up for the future? Either way, it looks like the Sox will enjoy a solid core of strong up and coming players for many years to come.

They are now 12 games back in the AL East standings but capable of a comeback that will definitely require extremely effective pitching and extra defensive help. Inexperienced rookies are unlikely to get the job done but a core of veterans could turn around their prospects for this season rapidly.

In what looks like a last-ditch effort to salvage their playoff hopes for this season the Red Sox face the Detroit Tigers in a weekend series. Porcello pitches Friday. Steven Wright pitches Saturday and the Rookie Lefty Rodriguez goes at it on Sunday.

The Sox have been hitting well but have been unable to pick up wins especially in close contests. Ortiz hit 2 HRS this week and Napoli is contributing again but the team and the bullpen dropped some tight games including a 1-0 loss to Anaheim where Angels Superstar Mike Trout hit a bottom of the ninth HR off of closer Koji Uehara last Friday night. The rest of last weekends series was besieged by a huge Socal storm postponing some games and forcing the Sox to play a doubleheader on Monday where the results were less than satisfying. They looked to rebound against a better Astros team in Texas but lost games there as well. A tough road trip for our heroes so far.

With the A.L. winning homefield advantage in the World Series again for this year with their resounduing All-Star game Victory… the opportunity is excellent for the Red Sox to have a successful playoff chance as well as something to play for. Red Sox fans would be more than excited to see another World Series being wrapped up at beautiful Fenway Park again in October. For the current time being….. August and September often happen to be the most exciting months for Baseball action and will also be the time where we all find out if the 2015 season Red Sox have what it takes to be successful. Let’s hope so. Go Sox Go.

Sox Trying To Keep Momentum Alive Into Second Half of Season.

Currently, after a much deserved Thursday night off and riding a 4 game winning streak, the Boston Red Sox head into their weekend series against the Yankees before the ever important All-Star Game.

Verified pitching ace and righty Clay Buchholz gets the ball in the Friday night opening game against the rival New York Yankees. He has been spectacular in his last six starts and shown that he is someone the Sox can count on to pitch in big games. Plainly and simply if he gets run support the team has an excellent chance to win games. Koji has been back in good form too anchoring a struggling bullpen to clamp down some much needed wins to keep the Red Sox alive in the Al East playoff Race.

After beating the Astros and the Miami Marlins the Red Sox have proven that they are not quitting on this season as some have suggested. This weekend’s wonderful return to Fenway Park to face the Yanks is the perfect opportunity to make a statement that they are playing to Win and will not fade away!

David Ortiz has hit 15 Hr’s so far this season while also filling in at 1st base, Brock Holt has been impressive even earning a well-deserved spot on the All-Star squad, Mookie betts has been dazzling onllokers with his all-around hustle/play while Xander Bogaerts has quietly been becoming a star who can come through in the clutch with the game winning hit.

All these are positives going froward for the Red Sox to build on as they head into the Home Stretch in Baseball’s Second Half of the season. Hopefully, the Red Sox will take their cue from the local Boston Football team… the New England Patriots… who were down at half-time in last year’s Super Bowl 49 only to make a blazing comeback to secure the Championship Trophy. The Red Sox have been there before and if anything have shown three times in the last 10 years that they can handle the pressure.

Manager John Farrell has been taking a no nonsense approach in keeping the team not only focused on the tasks at hand but also remaining committed to playing for this season’s playoffs. He has been rotating lots of players throughout the lineup and at several various positions not only to add to their experience but also to meet the practical needs of the team. This re-shuffling may have led to some ups/downs but I think it will strengthen the team and make it so many players can contribute if there are any trades, injuries, etc.

Time will tell us what is in store for this season’s Red Sox. So far i’d say it’s been an entertaining show. However, the team is extremely capable of putting together long winning streaks in large part due to the fact that their lineup is almost equal to that of an All-Star team. This bodes well for the Red Sox’s chances. Once the pitching staff kinks are ironed out the rest of Baseball had better Watch Out because the Red Sox are Coming Back Soon. Go Sox.

Red Sox Win Weekend Series Against Royals and Then Flounder vs. Orioles.

The Sox looked sharp against the Royals last weekend taking 2 out of 3 vs. the Royals to win the series. This was an important statement that shows the Red Sox can win against quality opponents. At a record of 32-42 this is an important rallying point to remember. Most strong teams play their best baseball after the All-Star Break. This is the part of the Baseball when significant winning streaks occur and champions are crowned.

The Red Sox bats are finally waking up and runs are being produced in many high scoring games….The only downside is outside of Buchholz pitching consistently…. the remaining starters on the Red Sox pitching staff look like they are breaking up.

This issue can be and is expected to be improved. Knowing and having seen his dominance for many years with the Sox…. I am probably not alone in finding it difficult to see Jon Lester now pitch with another team. Rodriguez is a talented Lefty but has shown he needs experience and time to develop. The acquistion of one or two proven starters will make a huge difference for the Staff and the entire team.

Baseball is a game of many ups and downs. As George Will pointed out in his Baseball Tribute Book…” Men At Work” written 25 years ago….[what other profession calls you successful when you fail 7 out of 10 times(Bat .300) and approaching greatness when you fail 6 out of 10 times(Bat .400)?]

Ironically isn’t it something more than coincidence that A Red Sox Slugger (The Greatest Hitter that ever lived named Ted Williams wore a Boston Red Sox uniform? You might want to check out another current slugger called David Ortiz while he’s around I hear he ain’t so bad either. ;). Have a Safe, Fun, And Happy Summer Everyone and Go Sox.

Red Sox Split Series With Braves: Looking To ReSurge Against Royals This Weekend.

The Boston Red Sox are a team that is definitely looking to rebound and hopefully going to once again Resurge. That is exactly what needs to happen in this weekend’s road series against last season’s World Series Runner-ups…. the Kansas City Royals.

After a decent week that saw Brock Holt hit for the Cycle( a feat that hasn’t happened for a while), some added run-support from the Red Sox Batters(including a game where they scored 9 Runs), and Clay Buchholz pick up a masterful win that solidifies him as anchor of the pitching staff …..
Under-Fire Manager John Farrell must feel somewhat relieved. Out of frustration at the Under-performing and seemingly unfocused 2015 team(ie. the Kung-Fu Panda Instagram Benching Incident), some fans are questioning if Farrell is such a good fit as manager of this team.

An online fan called for him to be replaced immediately with Jason Varitek who works within the organization.There is lots of excessive drama like this happening on talk radio, sports shows etc. as so many cannot figure how such a talented team cannot simply string together wins. Red Sox Nation always expects their team to be competetive as they very well should be!

However, I think it is too early to give up on the 2015 Sox. They are well within the playoff race and Farrell is signed long-term.They’ve been to and won the World Series recently. Only two years ago folks! 🙂

There are obvious holes in Pitching especially the bullpen but this is more of a personnel problem than managerial. I am expecting a few trades to remedy this and if not the Red Sox have some of the best up and coming stars in their Awesome Minor League System….. Many of whom are already up with the Big Major League Squad at Fenway Park and they have been performing well. Take a look at Rodriguez, Castillo, and Betts. Sometimes you wonder if the Sox are so good that it’s hard to find somehow to squeeze it all into one lineup. 

This week will be a big test to prove how strong this year’s Red Sox team is. The Kansas City Royals are one of the top teams as are the Baltimore Orioles. The Red Sox face both during this grueling week in June. If they can win both series I would say their prospects are excellent for being in the running come playoff time. I am certain that John Farrell has made them all well aware of this and probably even mentioned that if they don’t take these series that they should be ready for some major trades. This unpredictability factor is part of what makes Baseball such an exciting sport to follow. So much can happen over the course of an entire season and it always keeps fans and writers like me not only entertained but also always busy. 

While June Gloom Continues to Linger…. Red Sox Look for Redemption in Weekend Series Vs. The Blue Jays.

It isn’t easy being A Red Sox fan. While we have had many high highs(3 Extremely Impressive World Series Victories) in the last 11 years there have also been some unexpected lows. This shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing however…..instead look at the Red Sox team just keeping the fans on their toes. Whether wins or losses, homeruns or strikeouts in the rough that is Baseball…. that is more often than not….simply how it goes. Where will the Boston Red Sox be at the end of this Season??!! At this time it appears the answer to that question is your guess is as good as mine and nobody knows! 

While all this makes for some exciting drama and some interesting articles …… 😉

I think at this point most Sox fans would rather see their beloved team return to it’s winning ways.A huge opportunity comes this weekend in their series against fellow AL East contender…. The Toronto Blue Jays. 

Joe Kelly gets the ball Friday Night. With some fellow teammates recently getting sent to the minors this should be an opportunity to show Manager John Farrell(who is feeling the heat while facing some recent adversity) and the Big League ball club that he belongs with them.

pitching has been at times amazing but in reality remains a huge question mark depp into this season. Do the Red Sox have enough pitching for a successful season? If they are talented enough why aren’t they performing. This has many Sox fans scratching their heads and saying…. Why is it like this?….Does this underperformance have a reason? 

Many fans would like to see the Sox obtain some well known lefties to fill the Gap that Lester filled and return the Red Sox to pitching dominance. Cole Hamels is one such Lefty who has popped up in trade talks. Luckily another Lefty Rodriguez who pitches this Sunday after righty Buchholz goes at it again this Saturday…. has been picking up wins while pitching consistently in his first few Rookie starts.

Hopefully the Red Sox can bounce back against the Blue Jays after being swept by the Orioles earlier this week. Even 2 out of 3 should be enough to put them back on the Road to Redemption. Go Sox.

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