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Red Sox Sign Mike Napoli; Is Josh Hamilton Next?

The Boston Red Sox  have agreed to 3-year deal with free agent Mike Napoli. The deal is said to be worth $39 million. Napoli can play both first base and catcher, but is expected to play mostly at first for Boston. Napoli’s physical is scheduled for Wednesday which means the official announcement should be by the end of the week.

“We’ve made some progress,” Cherington said regarding the potential Napoli deal. “He’s a guy who’s getting on base, has power and could be a good fit for our ballpark. We knew when we made the Dodger trade, when we moved (Adrian) Gonzalez, that we would have to try to find a way to replace that offense, and as we got into the offseason we understood that was probably going to have to come from a combination of guys and maybe not one guy. “He can catch and he can play first. If he’s here, I would imagine he’d do some of both but that would be up to our manager to figure out.”

Red Sox pitcher John Lackey hasn’t contributed anything on the field so it was good to see him helping recruit off the field. Lackey had this to say:

“I’ve been working on him and I had a couple of guys text him,” Lackey told “We’ve been recruiting him the last few weeks, so I’m glad things worked out and we got him. He’s going to be a great addition to the club.”

Does this move mean the Red Sox could be targeting Napoli’s former teammate Josh Hamilton next? He would cost Boston a good chunk of change, but afterall they do have money to spend. Does adding Hamilton increase the Red Sox chances of winning it all? If you think so it’s easy to bet on baseball. Most would say Hamilton is a bad fit for a town like Boston and they could be right. However, rumors are still swirling and some say not to count the Red Sox out just yet.

Forget Beltran, Get Me This Guy

The All-Star game is behind us and now it is time to look towards the MLB trade deadline.  Theo has made it clear that he will be looking for an OF bat prior to July 31 and if I had my choice that guy would be Hunter Pence.  Pence may not be as sexy of a name of as Beltran, but let’s face it, Beltran is a stiff. It has been reported that the Mets would eat a good portion of the money owed to Beltran but are looking for a top prospect in return, the Astros have also said they would have to be “overwhelmed” to deal Pence.  Neither guy will come cheap, but if Theo could land Pence he could be the solution in RF for years to come.

Pence will be due for a nice pay raise via arbitration next season, but with the Million Dollar Baby J.D. Drew coming off the books combined with the weak free agent OF market in 2012 and 2013 it may not be a bad idea to give up a little to land this guy.  Pence’s game may not be the prettiest but his gritty old school style gets results (career .292 BA) and would be a perfect fit in Boston.  The Sox have the power and put up like 15 runs a game and any guy acquired before the deadline would most likely hit in the 7 or 8 hole. What the Sox need is a player who can get on base and drive in a couple runs here and there, Pence would be the perfect fit to stabilize the back end of the Red Sox lineup.

Outside of one or two productive season’s and a 2004 postseason where he hit like 49 homeruns, Beltran has been kind of a stiff; spending most of his prime dominating the DL.  Pence is 28 years old (6 years younger than Beltran) and has put up solid offensive numbers in his first four Big League seasons to go along with a pretty impressive glove (Pence committed only 1 error in 2008 while leading the N.L. with 16 outfield assists).  The young Texan’s strong start to 2011 was good enough to land him his second All-Star selection. Pence has been stuck in the cellar playing in Houston and his style of play is reminiscent of the original Dirt Dog Christopher Trotman Nixon which has my gut telling me he would thrive playing meaningful ball games each night in front of the most passionate fan base in all of sports.

Josh Reddick has been solid this season but I do not see him as the long term solution in RF.  Reddick reminds me a lot of David Murphy who played well for the Sox a few years back and has been a serviceable 4th outfielder for the Texas Rangers (the Sox dealt Murphy for Eric Gagne).  Therefore there is no better time to take advantage of  the young Red Sox outfielder’s nice start to 2011, a package involving Reddick and another prospect or two may be enticing to a rebuilding Astros squad.  The Sox would control the rights to an an arbitration eligible Pence in 2012 but for some reason the Astros young RF comes off as the kind of player who may be open to a contract extension at a fair price to play for a perennial Championship contender. Theo obviously knows more than I do but Pence’s ability to hit for a high average and poke a few out of the park (25 Bombs in ’08, ’09, ’10) would certainly be an upgrade from J.D. Drew.  Dumping Drew for Pence would add a nice right handed bat to a lefty dominated lineup leading me to believe Pence would fit perfectly in the Red Sox lineup this season and for seasons to come.  I would love to see this guy guarding Pesky’s Pole at the Fens, just something to think about Mr. Epstein.

What Red Sox player are you most like?

So has this on the site today. Basically you answer a bunch of questions and they tell you what Red Sox player you are most like. I’m not really upset with the answer, I love Carl Crawford, but is taking a swipe at him here? “Even if it arrives slower than you’d like.” Haha, this guy was one of the best outfielders in the league when he was 22 years old. Hell he made it to the Majors at age 20. Also he was offered like 20 scholarships. Could of played Basketball at UCLA or played football in college, but he chose to play MLB, all by the age of 18. I’d say his success came pretty damn fast. This year? Not so much. Guy needs to get it together. His success couldn’t arrive fast enough at this point, but I don’t think this is helping anything.

P.S. I think the Sox will be alright, within the next few weeks we are going to have the best shortstop in MLB (who is leading almost all offensive categories) in our lineup. Right?

Sox, Cubs Show Off Throwbacks

BOSTON — The ceremonial pitches at Fenway Park on Saturday were thrown out by Dr. Louis Zamperini, a 1936 United States Olympian, and Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe Ruth’s daughter, in keeping with the nostalgic theme of the Boston Red SoxChicago Cubs weekend, with the teams meeting in Boston for the first time since the 1918 World Series.

The teams wore throwback uniforms, the types worn in 1918. The Sox’s uniform was all white with nothing on the front of the jerseys. Numbers were on the back. Numbers were not on the uniforms backs in 1918, so this was a bow to the present identification of the players.

Boston’s hats were all white, again with no team insignia.

Each member of the Sox will sign his uniform, which will be auctioned to benefit the Red Sox Foundation.

While David Ortiz wasn’t a fan of the throwbacks (“I don’t like it,” he said. “I’m not used to those, but it’s OK, I guess.”), others enjoyed the change.

“I thought it was a cool look,” Jed Lowrie said. “For all the things we do during the year [with uniforms], I think this was a pretty good one.”

The Cubs’ uniforms were gray with blue lettering and numbers. The “C” on the jersey was rectangular in shape with the rest of the team’s name — “ubs” — in block letters.

“I always like the throwback uniforms,” Carl Crawford said. “I like the baggy pants and the old-school look. You can see – I’m taking my hat home.”

Also, in homage to the 1918 Series, the video message boards are to be dark during the third inning. No music is going to be played as the batters walk to the plate, and two people each with a megaphone will be stationed in the walkway between the Field Box and the Loge Box seats, announcing the hitters in the inning.

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