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Wait we got Chris Carpenter for Theo?

Yes, actually we did. Unfortunately for us it is not the Cy Young winning starter from Exeter NH, but he is a way better pitcher than Theo.

This Chris Carpenter is a 26 year old right handed relief pitcher that recorded some solid stats in the minors and in his 10 appearances in the majors (2.79 ERA).

According to Baseball America he was the 13th prospect in the Cubs organization and could fit nicely in the Red Sox pen.

Thanks Bud.


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  3. It’s one thing to change from the Giants to the Pats – they’re not even in the same conference. But from the Yankees to the Red Sox? Good Lord, man, what are you thinking? That’s high treason in some circles!(Just kidding – well, except about the treason part. Great blog, by the way.)

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