NewEra needs a NewRivalry

June 10, 2011

This is quite the rivalry Alec. By the way I really loved the Mel Gibson impression you left on your daughters voice mail.

Seriously I think NewEra needs to rethink this rivalry thing. Here’s an idea, how about the rivalry between ARods forehead and hair?? Boom roasted.

The Sox started out 1-6 and we all took a lot of shit from Yankees fans. Well as Chris Breezy (I think that’s what he calls himself post domestic dispute) put it “look at me now.” Sox are 8-1 against the Yankees, 6-0 at Yankees Stadium this season and 15- 5 dating back to last year. Oh and one other minute detail, we are 1st in the AL East showing no signs of slowing down.

A few Key contributors are killing it right now:

-Papi: .326-BA 15-HR 36-RBI
-Jacoby Ellsbury: .310-BA 7-HR 20-2B 24-SB
-Beckett: 5-2 2.06-ERA 73-SO

All while everyone else is giving us exactly what we hoped for, including Gonzo who might be the best hitter in baseball.

Unfortunately we don’t get to beat up on the Yankees again until August 5th, which should give Girardi plenty of time to unwind his panties because Ortiz flipped his bat. I cannot wait to see how the next two months play out. This team is putting the pieces together and I wouldn’t be surprised if we are 4-5 games up come August, assuming Wake continues to pitch out of his mind for a 44 year old knuckleballer.  (3-1 3.83-ERA 14-BB) Or Theo goes out and trades someone for a 5th Starter, I’d prefer a reliever but either way we can gain a reliever by moving Wake back.

P.S. I am going to be a bit delusional with this Pedrioa injury and just continue to act like everything is fine.

P.P.S- Alec Baldwin is absolutely killing it.

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Commish  -  Formally known at Redsoxaholics as the "Commish", Zach is an avid Red Sox and Celtics fan.

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