Manny being Manny….Still?

June 29, 2011

BY: Wild Thing

As I was driving to work earlier this week, I was listening to Dennis & Callahan, and Jerry Callahan brought up the question, “Where is Manny Ramirez?” That question made me crack up, and I pondered what Callahan said.

Since being out of the game for several moths now, I wondered, could Manny be done with his antics and be “Manny being Normal” instead of “Manny being Manny?” What can a 2x World Series and 9x silver slugger award winner be doing? I’m not 100% sure but I do know he is getting paid.

Once again, Manny has pulled off the impossible. After exiting the game for a supposed “clean retirement,” Manny is able to rake in dough without doing a damn thing. The Dodgers owner owes Man-Ram $8.33 million this month which may or may mot happen since McCourt just filed for Chapter 11 yesterday and is getting beat up by his Cougar ex-wife for everything he’s worth. I’m sure this is very entertaining for Manny, who has all the free time in the world, to just cash checks like he was Jay-Z.

And I’m sure Manny is use to this “Everybody Pay Me” gig. Manny’s contract with the Red Sox was $160M for 8 years, which is ranked 7th highest MLB contract of all time. But maybe I’m giving too much credit to Manny and should be crediting Boras. Thank you Scott! This is why you get Scott Boras to be your agent. Boras will get you the Bob Sugar deals. Here is the breakdown of what teams still owe Man-Ram:

Chicago White Sox- $3.8M

Tampa Bay Rays- $2.02M

Los Angeles Dodgers- $25M

So basically for the next 3 years, Manny will be collecting a grand total of over $30M. I don’t even know if I should be thoroughly pissed off or impressed that he will be making over 200 times the national average per year, while doing absolutely nothing.

In any case, the jury is not out on this one. We should know by now that retired ball players never change. Jose Canseco will still be juicing (and freaking out on Ump’s in the Yuma Men’s League), Barry Bonds will still not talk, I’m sure Pete Rose is still gambling and Manny will still be “Manny.” Somethings will never change, like baseball players making way more than they are worth, even when they are done playing. Play on playas.

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