I am a little bit Salty.

April 19, 2012



So the Red Sox are once again off to a great start. They have a pompous asshole as a manager, who people say is a great baseball mind. Well I have not seen it thus far. He left Bard in just a little too long the other night, last night he leaves Franklin Morales in for 1 batter to long, then he has Jarrod Saltalamacchia pinch hit representing the tying run.

I understand you want to show you have confidence in Salty even when he is struggling, but you cannot lose baseball games doing it. He might have had a favorable match up (by his standards) since there was a righty on the mound, but the guy is batting .083. Now is not the time Bobby, we need every win we can get!

Here’s to hoping everyone on this team, from the manager down figure out a way to get it together because this has been sloppy managing to say the least.

About the author 

Commish  -  Formally known at Redsoxaholics as the "Commish", Zach is an avid Red Sox and Celtics fan.

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