We’re Giving Away A Dustin Pedroia Signed Photo!

by Tom

May 23, 2018



Redsoxaholics is giving away a certified 16×20 autograph of Dustin Pedroia when he played for the Portland Seadogs! This is a certified autograph from Locker Room Memorabilia!

A special shoutout to All Vintage Cards for the hookup on this awesome piece. If you’re a baseball card collector or just learning about the hobby, i strongly suggest you check out this piece on the history of baseball cards. A LONG, but enjoyable read!

The contest is open until August 5th and a winner will be announced on August 14th!

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Good luck!

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About the author 

Tom  -  Tom is the owner of RedSoxAholics and an avid Boston Sports Fan. Tom grew up as an avid baseball card collector with favorite players including Dwight Evans, Mo Vaughn, Pedro Martinez, Dustin Pedroia, and Mike Greenwell.

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