Alex Rodriguez=Tiger Woods

August 4, 2011

In honor of Tiger Woods playing his first round of golf in quite a while I figured I would write an off the subject post about the comparisons between him and Alex Rodriguez.

Cheat on their wives- Check

Do steroids- Ehhh Questionable but Check (where there’s smoke there’s fire Tiger)

High Stakes Gambling- Check (what the hell is A-Rod doing gambling $40k you make $30 mil a year bro step it up. Hell I’m pretty sure Spiderman was in for over $150k at the same table. Do you have no pride? (rhetorical question)

Now do I want Tiger banned from golf? Hell no, that guy kept the sport afloat and is one of the most marketable athletes of all time in any sport.

Do I want A-Rod banned from baseball? Hell yes! He gives baseball players a bad name and at this point does almost nothing for the sport. He doesn’t seem interested in anything besides maybe his reflection in the mirror and his bank account. Guy makes me sick, I hope Bud bans him from baseball and we can all live happily ever after.

PS- I hope some how A-Rods gambling gets linked to Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. They had to be involved.

Double PS- Jacoby Ellsbury is killing it. I don’t want Theo to resign him, I need Theo to resign him.



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  • I am probably by myself in this one, but I love ARod. Thats probably because I just love to like things people hate, except Lebron but I hated him at St. Vincent St. Marys

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