Odds on Red Sox’s Next Game

by Tom

May 15, 2013

With the current season of Major League Baseball having commenced earlier this month, the teams are starting to get into the groove with their series. Currently, the Boston Red Sox sit atop the American League East but with the Baltimore Orioles close behind. They have an upcoming series with the Houston Astros. The Astros sit clear at the bottom of the standings for the American League West. Therefore, it is probably of little surprise that the Boston Red Sox are the clear favourite to win the series.

Sportsbook sites have set the money line for this particular game with the Boston Red Sox at -125. The Houston Astros have a money line set at +105. The intent of a money line bet is to make it just appealing to wager money on the underdog as well as the favoured team. Understanding a money line is quite easy to do. The negative odds are for the favoured team while the positive odds are for the underdog. Therefore, in this instance bettors must wager $125 on the Red Sox to make a total profit of $100 on their bet. On the other hand, bettors must wager $100 to win $105 on the underdog which in this case is the Houston Astros.

While waiting for the game to conclude to decide your bet, bettors can play baseball themed slot machine games at places like Lucky Nugget. One slot machine game with a baseball theme is the King of Swing. This slot machine comes with a total of 25 paylines which makes it possible to create many different winning combinations. The symbols found on the reels are baseball related items. These would include baseballs, baseball helmets, gloves, trophies, peanuts and hot dogs. With this slot machine there is a maximum payout of 5,000 coins. The King of Swing slot machine also comes with a progressive jackpot to win.

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Tom  -  Tom is the owner of RedSoxAholics and an avid Boston Sports Fan. Tom grew up as an avid baseball card collector with favorite players including Dwight Evans, Mo Vaughn, Pedro Martinez, Dustin Pedroia, and Mike Greenwell.

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