Red Sox Reeling Yet Try to Look for Positives as they Take on Phillies

September 5, 2015


The Red Sox are undeniably having a rough season. Still reeling from the illness of manager John Farrell and many injuries, Sandoval, Ramirez, Buchholz etc. one cannot blame them too much for falling out of contention in the playoff race for this season.

Many important players are still performing well like Ortiz, Buchholz, Rodriguez, and Bogaerts and this allows them to win some games like they did this past week against both the New York Mets and New York Yankees. They will certainly have influence over whether the Yankees or Blue Jays capture the AL East Title as the Baltimore Orioles have also dropped out of contention.  September is always interesting as the Pennant Races wind down.

In looking forward to next season the Red Sox let go of GM Ben Cherington and Acquired Dave Dombrowski who was previously with the Detroit Tigers. He has done an amazingly remarkable job with the Tigers the past few seasons and will hopefully contribute much to the Red Sox organization which is still brimming with tons of talent.

This upcoming Labor Day weekend the Boston Red Sox take on the Phillies with Joe Kelly pitching on Friday. Wade Miley who has held his own with a 10-10 record so far and then young phenom Rodriguez on Sunday. Some of those in the Red Sox organization say Rodriguez has incredible potential to be at least a solid #2 starter if not a #1 some day. It has been no secret that the  Red Sox have sorely been in need of consistent pitching and maybe Dombrowski could help in assembling a strong staff like Detroit has had for the past five seasons or so. There is some frustration but much more anticipation in Red Sox Nation to see which decisions the team will make.  For now we just don’t know but let’s continue to root and Say…. Go Sox Go.

About the author 

Tim Scott  -  Tim has been a fan of Boston sports teams from birth, with a special affinity for the Red Sox and Celtics. His favorite Sox players of all time include David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Jason Varitek, and Mike Napoli. Tim has taught and coached high school basketball for years and enjoys writing screenplays in his spare time.

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