Who Are You More Excited About Heating Up?

May 26, 2011

Look I don’t want to jinx things, but I know I am excited to see Salty show some power (4 HR’s in the last week). Then today out of no where we see Carl Crawford become the Crawford of old (6-for-11 w/ 2 HR, 6 R and 3 RBI against the Indians). Now the questions is who are we more excited to see heating up?

Now the easy answer is obviously Crawford because of the investment, but I think we have to look past that. His numbers were going to come and he was going to be a key contributor one way or another.

The glaring weakness on the Red Sox this season (offensively and defensively) has been the Catcher. Both Salty and Tek have been brutal, which might be an understatement. (Two weeks ago combined BA .187 0-HR 11-RBI’s) Salty is now batting an impressive (relatively speaking) .240  with 4 HR’s and 15 RBI’s. He has shown a lot more confidence at the plate and is starting to show the power that scouts were drooling over when he was drafted 36th overall by the Braves.

I knew Crawford would be a huge contributor one way or another, be it with his defense or wreaking havoc on the base path (which he better start doing soon). I was unsure of Salty and I am most excited about him starting to swing the bat with some confidence.

Who Are You More Excited About Heating Up? Leave your choice in the comment section.

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Commish  -  Formally known at Redsoxaholics as the "Commish", Zach is an avid Red Sox and Celtics fan.

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