Miller Time

by PTL

June 20, 2011



Andrew Miller makes the start for the Sox tonight.  I am not expecting 8 innings and 10 K’s but any type of productivity out of this kid could be huge for the Sox.  Injuries have hit of late all over the diamond and it is going to be players like Miller who will ride the Sox into the All-Star Break a top the A.L. East.

It was not long ago Miller was a First Round selection (6th overall) by the Detroit Tigers.  He and Daniel Bard were quite the Friday and Saturday combo at UNC a few years back.  The expectations need to be realistic but he is worth the gamble and I am excited to see what he and his mustache bring to the table.


P.S. It doesn’t hurt making your first start against the Padres, pretty sure they would have trouble hitting it out of their hands.  I ponied up and started him tonight in my fantasy league, could be a mistake but I like to live on the edge.

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